About waxing 

In the past few years body waxing and especially Brazilian Bikini wax has grown in popularity between all age groups and between both genders.  Today you can benefit from the longest lasting temporary hair removal that will leave your skin silky smooth.  Waxing removes hair by the root and won't grow back in the waxed area for 3 – 8 weeks. 

When hair is shaved or removed by depilatory cream, the hair is cut at the surface of the skin rather than the root.  Within a few days after shaving you will see new hair grow. With these methods, hair tends to grow back thicker and in a rough stubble.

Areas that are repeatedly waxed over long periods of time result in hair naturally thinning out, making waxing quicker and easier and re-growth less obvious. It saves time and you can enjoy silky smooth skin for weeks. Male and Female Brazilian Bikini wax are the most popular services at our studio.  Please allow 15 – 25 min for women Brazilian Bikini wax service and 25 – 40 min for Male Brazilian wax service.

How to prepare yourself for your waxing service 

• Please make sure hair in the area that will be waxed is at least ¼ inch long. If you have been previously shaving, allow 7-10 days of hair growth after shaving or after use of any depilatory creams. Our hard wax wraps itself around the hair and any hair shorter than ¼ inch may not come out with the first pull.


• Prior to your waxing appointment exfoliate the areas that will be waxed with any scrubs or loofas. Exfoliation will remove dead cells on the surface of the skin, making wax stick to the hair and spread more easily.


• Do not put any oils, lotions or deodorant on the areas that will be waxed. Make sure your skin is dried well.


• Avoid tanning, sunbathing 24 hrs prior to your appointment.


• If you are having your facial hair waxed and are using Retinol or Accutane on your skin discard use week prior to your appointment.


• For all you ladies out there, I would not recommend waxing close to or couple days after your menstrual period. This is because during this time the female skin becomes much more sensitive and as a result you may find waxing more painful than usual. If you request being waxed before or even during your period anyways, it can be done.


• You may take Ibuprofen or Advil about an hour before your appointment if you are not allergic. This may help minimize the pain and help with any inflammation.


• Finally RELAX! The best antidote to the pain of waxing is to try to relax. When a client is tense, the follicle closes and the wax doesn't reach the root of the hair.

What to avoid after waxing? 

• Please DO NOT work out, tan, sunbathe, or take hot baths, showers, and saunas for the next 24 hours after waxing. Your pores are open from the hairs being pulled out and heat will make them open even more, which will make it more prone to irritation.

• DO NOT exfoliate 3 days after the wax. After 3 days, please be regular and exfoliate at least 2 –3 times a week upwards motion. Exfoliation improves blood flow, which helps hairs to come out to the surface of the skin instead of growing back in and causing ingrown hairs. We also recommend purchasing Tend Skin – product that affectively helps to get rid off ingrown hair to leave your skin silky. Tend Skin should be used daily.

• DO NOT wear tight clothes. Your skin needs to breathe and you need regular blood circulation. Tight clothes can cause irritation and ingrown hair.

• DO NOT SHAVE in between waxing session. Shaving will make your hairs grow thicker, darker and faster.

What are differences between hard wax and strip wax? 

Hard Wax

• No cloth or strip needed to remove wax
• Wax is body temperature, therefore no skin burn
• Beneficial for people with sensitive skin

• Wax does not stick to your skin which results in pleasant waxing experience. This also allows us to go over the same area more times with no irritation to the skin
• Minimal pain with no irritation
• Great for Brazilian bikini wax
• Safe
• No wax left on your skin

Strip Wax

• Cloth or strip is used to remove wax
• Hot when in contact with skin. Your skin can be easily burned
• No benefits to any skin types
• Wax is sticking to the skin as well, which may cause the skin to be bruised or ripped off when the strip is pulled off. Can't go over the same area more than once or it will cause bruising and irritation
• Very painful, because it not only pulls off hairs but skin as well
• Would not recommend for Brazilian bikini waxing

How long does waxing last? 

It takes between 4 – 6 weeks for the hairs to grow back. Often hair grows in sparser after regular treatments and since waxing remove hair by the root, a soft new hair with a fine tip grows in, eliminating razor stubble.

Heat stimulates hair growth; therefore hair grows faster in the summer than in the winter. With regular waxing the length of time between treatments will increase.

Really, you wax men too? What men would do that? 

All sorts of men, especially one who wants to look great without any effort. Being hair free isn't just for women.
Many men are enjoying being maintenance free and eliminating their unwanted nose, ear, back, chest, bikini, and other body area hair.

Many athletes such as bicyclists, swimmers, body builders, and runners find waxing far more esthetically satisfying and easier than shaving the whole body. For sure they won't miss the razor bumps.