About Wax Orlando 

About Us

In July of 2010 we opened our doors to clients that wanted professional, discrete, and fast service in a very comfortable, relaxed, clean and friendly atmosphere. We specialize in full body waxing services only, where our most popular services are Female and Male Brazilian Bikini wax. Our focus is on building long-term relationships and guest loyalty.

My name is Renata Pisarski, the owner of Wax Orlando. I am a Florida state licensed esthetician with over 16 years of skin care and waxing experience. Born and raised in the Czech Republic, I have always been interested in the skincare industry. I graduated from the well-known International School of Skin & Nail Care in Atlanta, GA in 2003 as a licensed esthetician. I have also been continuing my education and training with the best skin care specialist in both Atlanta and Orlando. 

Our Products

Since 2001 I have learned and worked with many different product lines and many different types of waxes. This has led me into finding out about the best product available – hard wax.  Not every hard wax is created equal.  Our green hard wax is made out of all natural beeswax, rosin, andAloe Vera, which is very beneficial for people with sensitive skin. Our products are extremely safe and healthy for the skin, and create the most amazing results even for people with very coarse hair. 

Hard Wax facts

•Hard wax is safer and gentler on your skin than soft wax -especially when waxing sensitive areas such as the face or the bikini area
• Hard wax dries to a hard finish around the hair and not the skin--less irritation, redness, and pain. No cloth or paper strip is needed to take the wax off.
• Hard wax is kept at a lower temperature for melting, while soft wax has to be completely heated to get the best consistency.
• Hard wax is forgiving directionally, while soft wax has to be applied in the direction of hair growth, and removed in the opposite direction.
• Hard wax can be reapplied over an area that has already been waxed to get the remaining hairs, while soft wax should not be reapplied over a just-waxed area.

Our clients that try our hard wax won’t ever want to go back to strips. Yes, waxing looks fabulous and it is sexier. Not to mention that you’ll enjoy smooth, hairless skin. It feels great; there’s no spiky, blunt hair associated with shaving, just smooth skin, even as it starts to grow back. An added benefit, it exfoliates your skin, enhancing that all-important smoothness.

Pampering yourself feels good, and it will also improve your appearance and confidence. Don’t be afraid to spend a little time on yourself. In this fast paced, demanding world, you deserve it.